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No matter where you are in your farm marketing journey.

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At TFM, we understand that behind each marketing decision is a farm – a legacy – that you’ve been entrusted to protect and grow. That’s why we don’t come to you with ideas, we come to you with solutions.

TFM 360

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Explore our all-inclusive approach to managing risk and building a favorable average price in any market.


Helping overcome business obstacles that impact your price.


Building price by focusing first on
your selling decisions


Ensuring that selling and hedging decisions work together strategically, decision to decision.

Aligned to
Your Goals

Offering confidence through a relationship structured to eliminate conflict of interest.

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Innovative and responsible solutions brought to you by a team of veteran advisors who have earned farmers’ trust decision by decision.

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In-depth propriety research and analysis to help you make sense of the market.

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Prepare for Dairy Revenue Protection (Dairy-RP) insurance with a team that understands risk.

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Select innovative advice and cash tools to help farmers of any size access professional, comprehensive solutions.

Market with

with a disciplined approach to help you address your total farm marketing needs.

Gain Clear

into the investments you make as a business owner.

Enjoy Personalized

from the TFM team, through a relationship built on trust.

Get Peace
of Mind

with a business-minded approach to building price.

Let us customize a consulting plan that is right for you.