TFM360 Grain

a service of Stewart-Peterson Group Inc. and Stewart-Peterson Inc

Our premier marketing service for grain farmers.


  • Cash grain contracting advice
  • Futures and options strategy guidance
  • Fuel purchasing recommendations
  • Dedicated advisor
In our conversations with producers, we find that their struggles can be summed up in 4 categories:


It’s hard to let my crop go; I’m afraid I’m going to miss a big rally.


I’m busy working and don’t have the time to watch the markets.


There are so many tools to use; how do I know what’s best for my situation?


Is this service good for me or just good for you?

Read on and learn how you can find a resource to help you with one, two, three, or even all four of these struggles.
TFM360 Grain is:

Rules-based. Disciplined. Structured.

The power of the TFM360 analytics team drives the recommendations, while the TFM360 consulting team makes it yours.

The TFM360 analytics team

a service of Stewart-Peterson Inc.

Your most powerful tool is what you produce. That’s why the core foundation of TFM360 – strategic, interconnected marketing recommendations – starts with a sales decision.

  • An experienced team behind all recommendations​
  • A balanced, focused approach to marketing where we take emotion out of decision-making​
  • In-depth and comprehensive written reports three times weekly and a video every Monday​
  • Access to the portal to track your Weighted Average Price​
  • Monthly newsletters, quotes, research, weather, and more

The TFM360 consulting team

a service of Stewart-Peterson Group, Inc.

The TFM360 consulting team prepares your farm for whatever the market may bring. We tailor the recommendations from the TFM360 analytics team to the unique challenges of your operation, providing guidance with your personal goals and DRP endorsements in mind.

  • Recommendations tailored to your operation’s capabilities and needs​
  • Regular meetings and calls​
  • Advisors that are paid a salary with an incentive to serve you, and no incentive on your transactions​
  • Optional: execution of futures and options

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Still need more? Read our FAQs:

What commodities does TFM360 specialize in?

TFM360 helps manage price risk for corn, soybeans, wheat, and fuel, among others. Talk to us to determine if we can help you with other agricultural commodities.

What is the risk management philosophy behind theTFM360 analytics team recommendations?

The TFM360 analytics team always starts with the belief that your first, most powerful marketing step for any farm marketing strategy is to protect favorable prices incrementally. The team follows a dynamic, strict rules-based approach, which lends itself well to avoiding the dangers of attempting to outguess the markets. A market surprise can have such a negative impact on farms, the team assesses potential scenarios across a range of market conditions to help operations be positioned for various market outcomes.

Are the marketing recommendations made by more than one person?

The TFM360 analytics team is led by a team of risk managers with a strong, successful history of experience and research capabilities. Model farm recommendations are analyzed thoroughly before being made.

How will you communicate with me?

Total Farm Marketing believes that regular, consistent communication with our TFM360 producers, regardless of size, is crucial to the success of their risk management strategy. You’ll hear from the TFM360 analytics team by market and strategy reports delivered 3 times per week and timely updates on factors impacting your marketing. These are delivered via email and our website at via a username and password. You’ll also receive texts with important pricing and trigger information.


In addition, the TFM360 consulting team provides personal service, including regular phone calls and webinars. You tell them how you prefer to hear from them and the team reaches out as you wish, as often as every other week. You can also call them whenever you like.


They are available every business day – live – from 7:30 to 4:30 Central Time.

Where do I hedge my grain?

With TFM360, you have the choice to continue to trade through an existing brokerage relationship or with the TFM360 consulting team. The advantages of the TFM360 consulting team relationship are that (1) you can enjoy deeply reduced round-turn transaction fee of $21, (2) your consultant is trained to help you tailor the TFM360 analytics team recommendations to your personal situation, and (3) your consultant is rewarded for renewals, not transactions. Consultant goals are aligned with yours, helping you find farm marketing success.

Where do I deliver my grain?

You choose where you want to deliver your grain. You can do that through regular communications with your elevator.

Will you help me on my old crop sales?

Yes. We provide marketing recommendations for three crop years: old, new, and next year’s crop.

Will you provide LDP recommendations?

Yes. LDP values are monitored by the TFM analytics team. The team has access to historical data and can recommend when to lock in your LDP.

How does my crop insurance work with TFM360?

Crop insurance is considered as part of your relationship with the TFM360 consulting team.

Will you involve my lender?

The TFM360 consulting team will involve your lender upon your request. You determine your lender’s level of involvement.

What kind of personal reporting can I expect?

TFM360 producers who provide access to hedging and cash activity receive a monthly status report of their farm marketing activity, including their weighted average price. All producers who work with TFM360 will have access to personal positions via an online client portal, including weighted average price, net value per bushel, and total inventory value for each commodity and crop year.

What is Total Farm Marketing by Stewart-Peterson?

Total Farm Marketing (or TFM) began as Stewart- Peterson in 1985. Over the course of its history, Total Farm Marketing’s family of companies has focused on helping farmers across the company manage commodity price volatility. We specialize in comprehensive strategies and recommendations on commodities that span a producer’s operation.

What is TFM360?

Rather than an emotional, reactionary approach to the market, TFM360 takes a strategic, whole farm approach to farm marketing over multiple years. The TFM360 analytics team offers farmers strategic farm marketing recommendations and market insights as a service of Stewart-Peterson Inc.


The TFM360 consulting team from Stewart-Peterson Group Inc. takes it to the next level by tailoring the recommendations to help meet the unique needs of every farm. It offers dedicated, intensive one-on-one service to farmers to ensure that farmers have the support to follow through on their farm marketing decisions for all the commodities that impact them.

How much does TFM360 cost?

The TFM360 analytics team believes that paying for whole farm recommendations, not transactions, offers better potential for long-term customer success. That’s why Stewart-Peterson Inc. charges an annual fee for advice. Multiple factors affect the fee; generally, the annual fee is five cents per bushel for corn, soybeans, and wheat. A Total Farm Marketing representative can calculate a fee for you. If you choose to work with the TFM360 consulting team, a $21 round-turn fee will apply per hedging trade.

How are TFM360 consultants compensated?

We believe the best way to motivate the TFM360 consulting team, first and foremost, is to hire people motivated by customer success. We then compensate them based on how our TFM360 clients value the recommendations we offer. Our TFM360 consulting team is paid a salary and an incentive based solely on customer renewals. They are not paid a commission on transactions.

What will I be expected to do?

Communication is the key to success with TFM360. The team is available at 800.334.9779 from 7:30 to 4:30 Central Time whenever the market is open.

Give me all the details

The TFM360 analytics team

The TFM360 analytics team always starts with the belief that your first, most powerful marketing step for any farm marketing strategy is to protect favorable prices incrementally.

The team follows a dynamic, strict rules-based approach, which lends itself well to avoiding the dangers of attempting to outguess the markets. A market surprise can have a negative impact on farms. The team assesses the potential scenarios across a range of market conditions to help operations be positioned for various market outcomes.

Strategizing for All Scenarios.

Using in-depth analysis, the TFM360 analytics team calculates possible price scenarios, considers every useful risk management tool, and develops sound recommendations. This team anticipates how scenarios could unfold and helps position you for them. Their job is to help ensure that selling and hedging decisions work together strategically, decision by decision, over multiple years.

Specialized and Comprehensive.

Catering to the unique needs of dairy farmers, the TFM360 analytics team risk managers apply specialized knowledge across a range of operational areas to determine the best holistic solutions across multiple years, all for an annual fee. The TFM360 analytics team utilizes deep experience across markets and farm marketing industries to deliver comprehensive strategies for the commodities on your farm, including corn, soybeans, wheat and fuel.

The TFM360 consulting team

Business-minded Solutions.

A service that understands you run a business. Marketing decisions encompass more than building price. Your TFM360 consultant will take into consideration daily business decisions that impact your sale decisions and your price, like management of cash flow, inventory and storage.


Using the foundation of the TFM360 analytics team recommendations, your TFM360 consultant starts with the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal – your production. We’ll combine your production strategy and business needs with thoughtful corn, soybeans, wheat and fuel recommendations to help protect and capitalize on risk and opportunity.

Coordinated Recommendations.

Ensuring that all pricing decisions work together strategically, decision by decision. You deserve to know how your business is positioned in any market. At TFM360, we quantitatively assess the impact of your current and future marketing decisions across market scenarios, helping you to make informed marketing and business decisions for your operation.

Aligned to Your Goals.

Your goal is building an attractive price. That’s why our consultants are compensated with a salary, and not dependent on the type or number of transactions for your operation. Their incentive is to help farmers build an attractive price by tailoring strategies, regularly keeping you informed, and helping motivate you to take action when a trigger is hit. And when a trigger is hit, we can help you execute on your decisions to make sure you stay on track.

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