Total Farm Marketing Managed Cash Programs

TFM Creates simple ways for farmers to access professional farm marketing through key industry partners.

Expanded Services

TFM can help you execute on virtually all your total farm marketing needs from access to cash contracts to hedging tools, as you choose.

Innovative Cash Tools

Access a wide variety of cash tools, including typical elevator-based cash contracts such as min price, average price, and accumulators. Also TFM Managed Price Contracts through partners are flexible HTAs that allow you to deliver wherever you want at the basis you want with a price built by recommendations from TFM’s publishing company.

Actionable Insights

Harness the power of our partners through your TFM advisor, including key satellite data on crop health, acreage, and yield analysis on your farm to your state and beyond.

Farmer-First Ag Marketing Collaborations

TFM360 customers can access robust cash and managed solutions through our growing list of program partners:

Your One-Stop-Farm-Marketing Shop

At TFM, we can help you with all your farm marketing needs, including your non-cash, and hedging transactions.
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