Your Most Powerful Tool Is What You Produce

That’s why the core foundation of TFM360 – strategic, interconnected marketing recommendations – starts with a sales decision.

TFM360 Analytics

delivers multi-year, comprehensive marketing strategies to address virtually any marketing need on a farmer’s operation. Every recommendation starts with a sales decision, supported by smart hedging recommendations. No matter what the market does, we make sure that you have clarity into its impact on your operation.

Strategizing for All Scenarios

Using math and in-depth analytical tools, the TFM360 risk managers strategize as a team to calculate possible price scenarios, consider every useful risk management tool, and to develop sound recommendations.

The goal of this team approach is to ensure we have a complete, unbiased understanding of market potential, both upwards and downwards. Our team anticipates how scenarios could unfold and helps position you for them.

Define your farm marketing and price protection needs.

Strategizing for All Scenarios

Using in-depth analysis, the TFM360 Analytics team calculates possible price scenarios, considers every useful risk management tool, and develops sound recommendations.

Our team anticipates how scenarios could unfold and helps position you for them. Their job is to help ensure that selling and hedging decisions work together strategically, decision by decision, on multiple years of production.

Define your farm marketing and price protection needs.

Specialized & Comprehensive

Catering to the unique needs of grain and dairy farmers, the TFM360 Analytics risk managers apply specialized knowledge across a range of operational areas to determine the best holistic solutions across multiple years, all for an annual fee.

The TFM360 Analytics grain team utilizes deep experience across markets and farm marketing industries to deliver comprehensive, multi-year strategies for virtually all the commodities on your farm, including corn, soybeans, wheat, and beef.

A highly specialized market like dairy requires specialized market experience. The TFM360 Analytics dairy team delivers with comprehensive strategies for milk, feed, fuel, and Dairy Revenue Protection Insurance (D-RP).

Building Price For…

The Long Term

We help you make decisions strategically.

TFM360 takes the emotion out of your farm marketing, helping you make thoughtful and strategic decisions. We provide more clarity and insight into future business decisions, enabling you to be as prepared as possible for whatever the market may bring.

And Today

We help build a favorable weighted average price.

In today’s competitive environment you can’t afford to guess wrong. We don’t guess. We build price incrementally, supported by smart hedging decisions, all with the goal of delivering a weighted average price within 10% of the market high.

What TFM360 Analytics Answers:

Which cash and hedging tools should you use? How should you blend and balance all tools for maximum effect? What about elevator or milk plant transactions? We help you make all of these decisions. We’ll help you understand how each tool works. Our risk managers create the recommendations; you have the final say.

When do you make a cash sale?  When do you enter a hedging transaction and when do you exit it? A disciplined process ensures that the emotions of the market don’t sabotage a carefully thought-out, strategic plan. With TFM360, you see potential effects of your decisions in advance by modeling the full range of market potential – both the upside and downside. Then, we help you build solutions and set triggers that help you build a strong average price for your production.
Do you sometimes find that good decisions are sabotaged by selling too little?  Or too much? TFM360 helps you make volume decisions that make a material impact on your business.

Data overload can be the enemy of disciplined decision-making. It can lead people to sell when they should wait or wait when it’s time to make a disciplined sale. TFM360’s risk managers take a disciplined, math-based approach to the market to help eliminate the noise and to focus on the information and decisions that matters.

What TFM360 Analytics delivers:

Holistic and interconnected cash and hedging recommendation covering the commodities that matter to your farm.


Multiple market analysis and strategy reports every week.


Market and strategy videos, real-time text and email updates, educational resources, and more!



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