Gain insights from one of the most innovative farm marketers of a generation with over four decades of experience, Scott Stewart.

Enjoy the chapters below in 5-10 minute segments

With this audiobook series you’ll be able to:

  • Understand why traditional farm marketing offers inconsistent and unreplicable results
  • Learn an approach to marketing that does not rely on you being right about the market
  • Rethink conventional farm marketing concepts and learn how to turn them to your advantage
  • Learn qualities you need to drive marketing success – whether in you or your advisor

About The Author

Scott Stewart

Owner & Chief Executive Officer

Ag commodities broker, strategist, entrepreneur and industry leader, Scott started a company called Stewart-Peterson back in 1985 with the idea that effective farm marketing is strategic, disciplined and consistent. His core philosophy is simple: meet the needs of his farmers clients with a laser-like focus by proving solutions that prepare farmers for whatever the market does. In 2019, Scott rebranded Stewart-Peterson to Total Farm Marketing to emphasize our commitment to farmers and to a holistic approach to farm marketing.

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