The TFM Customer Portal can help mitigate market uncertainty and provides
strategic clarity and peace of mind 24/7

The TFM Customer Portal is a dynamic online tool to enhance and streamline farmer’s experience managing risk and help building favorable weighted average crop price.

TFM Customer Portal Features

TFM360 clients have access to:

  • Year over year crop marketing comparisons
  • Weighted average prices
  • Cash positions
  • Hedging positions including futures and options
  • Marketing summary updated daily
  • Compare marketing summary to the TFM Model Farm position
  • TFM360 market insight and commentary
  • TFM Model Farm strategy alerts
  • Export your marketing summary snapshot
  • Local elevator basis information
  • Weather information
  • Market quotes

For Grain & Dairy
Services Clients:

Grain clients can input cash sales and dairy clients can input plant contracts as well as track Dairy Revenue Protection (D-RP) endorsements.

Already a TFM360 Client?

Reap the full benefits of the TFM360 experience through the TFM Customer Portal:

  • 24/7 access to the portal
  • Intraday updated market data
  • Access to update and track your cash or dairy plant positions
  • Ability to compare your summary to the model farm
  • Access to support when you need it